dec 12/RUN

3.4 miles
trestle turn around
24 degrees / feels like 18

Sunny this morning and colder. I overdressed in my purple jacket, which works best when the temperature is in the teens or below 0. Greeted Dave, the Daily walker, admired the river, only slipped on the ice once. Smiled at several other runners. Took off my second pair of gloves and unzipped the very top my jacket around a mile in.

Writing this back at my desk, I can’t remember what I listened to as I ran north. Running back south, I put in a Billie Eilish playlist.

Before putting in the playlist, I stopped and looked out at the river. Not focusing on details, like color or whether or not it was icing over, but breathing in the feeling of being above a river on a cold day, grateful to be out in the world and not inside at my desk trying to figure out what to write about haunting the gorge (I think I’m burned out for now).

Yes, I need a break from all the writing and thinking about haunts. Too much planning and trying to be clever, not enough just sitting down (or running) and finding words.