poems gathered

from 2017-present, in the order that they originally appeared in my log.

In February of 2019, after noticing I had only posted 31 poems in over 500 entries, I decided to try posting one at the end of each log entry. Mostly I found these poems through my morning ritual of reading the poem of the day on poets.org, poetryfoundation.org, poems.com, and slowdownshow.org. Sometimes I found them on twitter. And sometimes I found them by looking up key words related to my mood, the date, or something I was paying attention to beside the gorge. Log entries with poems in them are tagged poem.

  1. Wish You Were Here/ Rachel Zucker
  2. O Autumn! Autumn!/ Effie Lee Newsome
  3. Can You Imagine?/ Mary Oliver
  4. What is it?/ Mary Oliver
  5. Crows/ Marilyn Nelson
  7. The Change/ Alicia Ostriker
  8. The Green Eye/James Merrill
  9. Answer in Green/Florence Dickinson Stern
  10. Green/ DH Lawrence
  11. Cottonwood/Kathy Fagan from Sycamore
  12. Surrender/Geraldine Connolly
  13. Long Live the Weeds/Theodore Roethke
  14. Summer Rain/John Waters
  15. Swimming in the Rain/ Chana Bloch
  16. Heavy Summer Rain/ Jane Kenyon
  17. Triad/ Adelaide Crapsey
  18. Who Has Seen the Wind/ Christina Rossetti
  19. The Ceiling/ Theodore Roethke
  20. The Chair/ Theodore Roethke
  21. Monologue for an Onion/ Suji Kwock Kim
  22. Tree at My Window/ Robert Frost
  23. Hymn to Life/ James Schuyler
  24. Spell to Practice Patience/ Ann V. DeVilbiss
  25. Speculations about “I”/ Toi Derricotte
  26. Kinds of Snow/ Su Smallen
  27. Snow-flakes/ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  28. Windows/ Randall Jarrell
  29. Keeping Quiet/ Pablo Neruda
  30. Often I Am Permitted to Return to a Meadow/ Robert Duncan and PF podcast about it
  31. Instructions on Not Giving Up/ Ada Limón
  32. Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude/ Ross Gay
  33. To the New Journal/ Susan Rich
  34. Winter Branches/ Margaret Widdemer
  35. February/ Jack Collom
  36. February/ Bill Christophersen
  37. Dear March — Come in — (1320)/ Emily Dickinson
  38. from The Black Maria/ Aracelis Girmay
  39. From a Window/ Christian Wiman
  40. Salt/ Huang Fan
  41. from Eucalyptus/ Linda Hogan
  42. The Way In/ Linda Hogan
  43. Seasons/ John Haag
  44. Footnotes/ John Haag
  45. Layers/ J. Laughlin
  46. Cell/ Naomi Cohn
  47. Listen/ Didi Jackson
  48. The Rainwalkers/ Denise Levertov
  49. Fog/ Carl Sandburg
  50. Abecedarian Requiring Further Examination of Anglikan Seraphym Subjugation of a Wild Indian Rezervation/ Natalie Diaz
  51. Sight/ W.S. Merwin
  52. Confessions of a Nature Lover/ Bob Hicok
  53. Body and Soul/ Sharon Bryan
  54. Before I got my eye put out — (336)/ Emily Dickinson
  55. Hearing Loss/ Noah Baldino
  56. Shedding Skin/ Harryette Mullen
  57. Out, Out–/ Robert Frost
  58. Are you sewing, Mom?/ Angeline Schellenberg
  59. Neighbor Sweeping His Porch/ Keith Leonard
  60. Dust of Snow/ Robert Frost
  61. Why Bother?/ Sean Thomas Dougherty
  62. Words are Birds/ Fransico X. Alarcón
  63. Holdfast/ Robun Beth Schaer
  64. Snow in April/ Lenora Speyer
  65. Bel Canto/ Jane Yeh
  66. Ballad in A/ Cathy Park Hong
  67. Inside Out/ Bill Take
  68. The Poet to the Reader/ James Laughlin
  69. In the Snow/ James Laughlin
  70. Little Bits of Paper: An Ars Poetic/James Laughlin
  71. Thinking of Frost/ Major Jackson
  72. The Longest Year/ James Laughlin
  73. homage to my hips/ Lucille Clifton
  74. Same Sun, Same Moon, Same River/ Neil Carpathios
  75. Weight/ Carolina Ebeid
  76. Drifting/ Aya Satoh
  77. The End and the Beginning/ Wis£awa Szymborska
  78. Wondrous/ Sarah Freligh
  79. Don’t You Wonder Sometimes/ Tracy K. Smith
  80. Anti-Elegy/ Cameron Akward-Rich
  81. Two Sewing/ Hazel Hall
  82. Another Poem About a Mountain/ Joseph Rios
  83. Life is Beautiful/ Dorianne Laux
  84. Summer Haibun/ Aimee Nezhukumatathil
  85. Forsythe Avenue/ Aimee Nezhukumatathil
  86. Manhattan/ Howard Horowitz
  87. Leg of Lamb/ Bernadette Mayer
  88. And the Old Man Speaks of Paradise: a Ghazal/ Wang Ping
  89. Winter Trees/ William Carlos Williams
  90. Haiku Journey/ Kimberly Blaeser
  91. Blue Octavo Haiku/ Rachel Wetzshteon
  92. Joy/ Miller Oberman
  93. Birds Punctuate the Days/ Joyce Clement
  94. I Don’t Know What You’re Called, I’ll Call You by Your Sounds/ Susan Landers
  95. Field Guide to the Chaparral/ Leah Naomi Green
  96. Emily and Walt/ Campbell McGrath
  97. Things to Do In The Kitchen/ Miriam Solan
  98. How to Get There/ Philip Levine
  99. Dewpoint Hygrometer Using a System of Primary Measurement/ Franklin W. Kirk and Nicholas R. Romboi
  100. this beginning may have always meant this end/ Camille T. Dungy
  101. So Many/ John Pluecker
  102. The Trees Delete Themselves/ Francis Ponge
  103. Beehive/ Jean Toomer
  104. Mending Wall/ Robert Frost
  105. The Prose Poem/ Campbell McGrath
  106. Swimming/ Sarah Arvio
  107. The Fish/ Elizabeth Bishop
  108. Breathe. As in. (shadow)/ Rosamond S. King
  109. Morningside Heights, July/ William Matthews
  110. Lakes Rivers Streams/ Michael Dickman
  111. A poem from Bao Phi
  112. At the Lake House/ Jon Loomis
  113. Summer/ Ronald Johnson
  114. Ah, Ah/ Joy Harjo
  115. Dart/ Alice Oswald
  116. Mosquito/ Myronn Hardy
  117. [mosquito at my ear]/ Kobayashi Issa
  118. 13 Lines about Walls/ Denise Duhamel & Maureen Seaton
  119. Lounging on the Couch on my 39th Birthday in Pink Flannel Donut Pajamas/ Julie Danho
  120. Song/ Lloyd Schwartz
  121. The Rules/ Leila Chatti
  122. Theory of Writing/ Souvankham Thammavongsa
  123. [For a few days: frost]/ Jehanne Dubrow
  124. No Apology: A Poemifesto/ Carmen Smith Giménez
  125. The Month of June: 13 1/2/ Sharon Olds
  126. Woman Waving to Trees/ Dorothea Tanning
  127. Preface from ‘swims’/ Elizabeth-Jane Burnett
  128. Breathing/ Mark O’Brien
  129. Our Valley/ Philip Levine
  130. Summer/ Carlo Betochhi
  131. Out of Water/ Marie Ponsot
  132. Songs of the Open Road, 3/ Walt Whitman
  133. Springing/ Marie Ponsot
  134. Achingly Beautiful How the Sky Blooms Under at the End of the Day, Through the Canopy/ Gabrielle Calvocoressi
  135. Poem Beginning with a Retweet/ Maggie Smith
  136. Sixteen Theses on Walking and Poetry/ Mátyás Dunajcsik
  137. Postscript/ Seamus Heaney
  138. A Kind of Meadow/ Carl Phillips
  139. The Runners/ Irving Feldman
  140. What Lights Up…?/ Keki Daruwalla
  141. “Babel”/ Kimberly Johnson
  142. Morning Swim/ Maxine Kumin
  143. Let us for a moment call this pain by other words/ Dominik Parisien
  144. The August Preoccupations/ Catherine Barnett
  145. Writing a Poem/ Shirley Geok-lin Lim
  146. Boy Crazy/ Carmen Giménez Smith
  147. Property/ Emily Hunt
  148. To a Poor Old Woman/ William Carlos Williams
  149. When I Am Asked/ Lisel Mueller
  150. Lake Water/ David Ferry
  151. The Voice of God/ Crystal Williams
  152. Water Picture/ May Swenson
  153. From Blossoms/ Li-Young Lee
  154. O, She Says/ Hailey Leithauser
  155. Halos/ Ed Bok Lee
  156. Seek/ Sophia Holtz
  157. Three Songs and the End of Summer/ Jane Kenyon
  158. Let’s Not Begin/ Maggie Smith
  159. Duplex (I Being with Love)/ Jericho Brown
  160. Be Water My Friend/ Bruce Lee
  161. Poplar Street/ Chen Chen
  162. And Swept All Visible Signs Away/ Carl Phillips
  163. When We Look Up/ Denise Levertov
  164. excerpt from The Gold Cell/ Sharon Olds
  165. Still Burning/ Gerald Stern
  166. Profit/Loss Statement/ Harlan Bjornstad
  167. Sorrow is Not My Name/ Ross Gay
  168. Saltern/ Emma Aylor
  169. Wild Geese/ Mary Oliver
  170. Lake Superior/ Lorine Niedecker
  171. Doppler Effect/ Arthur Sze
  172. Learning the Trees/ Howard Nemerov
  173. The Heat of Autumn/ Jane Hirshfield
  174. Beginning/ Claire Wahmanholm
  175. Almanac/ Claire Wahmanholm
  176. A Blank White Page/ Francisco Alarcón
  177. Nature Aria/ Yi Lei
  178. To the Light of September/ W.S. Merwin
  179. October/ May Swenson
  180. Rabbits and Fire/ Alberto Ríos
  181. Spring and Fall/ Gerard Manley Hopkins
  182. One Heart/ yi-young lee
  183. Nominal/ Ann Lauterbach
  184. Vow/ Diana Khoi Nguyen
  185. The Walrus and the Carpenter/ Lewis Carroll
  186. Map Poetry Presentation/ Lisa Charlotte Rost
  187. Daughter/ Jon Pineda
  188. Practice/ Ellen Bryant Voigt
  189. When the Light Betrays Us Twice/ Marisa Crane
  190. My Invisible Horse and the Speed of Human Decency/ Matthew Olzmann
  191. Prayer to be Still and Know/ Nickole Brown
  192. A Rhyme for Halloween/ Maurice Kilwein Guevara
  193. How Wonderful/ Irving Feldman
  194. The Cave/ Paul Tran
  195. Fall/ Edward Hirsch
  196. Eagle Poem/ Joy Harjo
  197. Mindful/ Mary Oliver
  198. I Looked for Life and Did a Shadow See/ James Galvin
  199. Elms/ Lousie Glück
  200. Knocks on the door/ Maram al-Massri
  201. Doors/ Carl Sandburg
  202. Self-Portrait as a Series of Bluffs/ Chris Hayes
  203. Usage/ Hayan Charara
  204. The Hum/ Maggie Smith
  205. The Delight Song of Tsoai-talee/ N. Scott Momaday
  206. November/ Maggie Dietz
  207. The Crazy Woman/ Gwendolyn Brooks
  208. Happiness/ Jane Kenyon
  209. [Lately when sorrows come]/ Susan Laughter Meyers
  210. View to the North/ May Swenson
  211. Like Coins, November/ Elizabeth Klise Zerneck
  212. November/ Lucy Larcom
  213. Four-Word Lines/ May Swenson
  214. The Letter A/ Darren Sardelli
  215. Let it Be Forgotten/ Sarah Teasdale
  216. December/ David Baker
  217. Heartbeat/ Melvin Dixon
  218. Cherry Blossoms/ Toi Derricotte
  219. Hotel Lullaby/ Srikanth Reddy
  220. Epistemology/ Catherine Barnett
  221. What Would Root/ Katie Farris
  222. “Hope” is the thing with feathers – (314)/ Emily Dickinson
  223. It’s all I have to bring today (26)/ Emily Dickinson
  224. Outside the Window the Whole World is Humming/ Devin Kelly
  225. October/ Louise Glück 
  226. The Body/ Marianne Boruch
  227. Rapture/ Linda Hogan
  228. Summer’s Bounty/ May Swenson
  229. We Are Monica/ Victoria Chang
  230. What Big Eyes You Have/ Heather Christle
  231. White Eyes/ Mary Oliver
  232. Sojourns in the Parallel World/ Denise Levertov 
  233. Erstwhile Harbinger Auspices/ Matthew Zapruder
  234. Stranger by Night/ Edward Hirsch
  235. Abstract/ Todd Dillard
  236. Disclosure/ Camisha L. Jones
  237. 2 Mississippi/ Steve Healey
  238. The Spider/ Heather Christle
  239. Living in the Body/ Joyce Sutphen
  241. Did Rise/ Jessica Rae Bergamino
  243. Pine/ Susan Steward
  244. Singularity/ Marie Howe
  245. Love/ Alex Dimitrov
  246. Occasional Poem/ JACQUELINE WOODSON
  247. Blue/ ROBERT L. JONES
  248. Some Waynes/ WAYNE HOLLOWAY-SMITH
  249. excerpt from Ode to a Blizzard/ TOM DISCH
  250. Lines for Winter/ DAVE LUCA
  251. Natural Forces/ Vicente Huidobro
  252. MAKING LISTS/Imtiaz Dharker
  253. Thrown away/ Imtiaz Dharker
  254. Lost/ David Wagoner
  255. Because my grief was a tree/ Nicky Beer
  256. Brian Age Seven/ Mark Doty
  257. I Heart Your Dog’s Head/ Erin Belieu
  258. A Study in Eventuality/ Cristina Correa
  259. Threshold/ Maggie Smith
  260. Five Flights Up/ Elizabeth Bishop
  261. What Kindergarten and Partial Hospitalization Have in Common/ IZZY CASEY
  262. Notes on Un-Apology/ Erin Slaughter
  263. The Blink Reflex/ Rick Barot
  264. The Work of Happiness/ May Sarton
  265. Ash/ Tracy K. Smith
  266. My Weather/ Jane Hirshfield
  267. Diana Khoi Nguyen/ Tripthych
  268. A Skull/ Dana Levin
  269. Tomorrow and Tomorrow Again/ Craig Morgan Teicher
  270. Eye Contact/ Craig Morgan Teicher
  271. OBIT [Memory]/ Victoria Chang
  272. Unwished For/ Shira Erlichman
  273. I’m Nobody! Who are you? (260)/ Emily Dickinson
  274. Just As The Calendar Began to Say Summer/ Mary Oliver (Long Life)
  275. Breakage/ Mary Oliver
  276. The Real Prayers are Not the Words, But the Attention that Comes First/ Mary Oliver
  277. Auto-lullaby/ Franz Wright
  278. TO CAST/ Yesenia Montilla
  279. Tell all the truth but tell it slant/ Emily Dickinson
  280. “Faith” is fine invention (202)/ Emily Dickinson
  281. Slam, Dunk, & Hook/ Yusef Komunyakaa
  282. Goodbye to Tolerance/ Denise Levertov
  284. Small Kindnesses/ Danusha Laméris
  285. Bliss Point or What Can Best Be Achieved by Cheese/ Benjamin Garcia
  286. Prompts (for High School Teachers Who Write Poetry)/ Dante Di Stefano
  287. Wind/ Florida Watts Smyth
  288. POEM WHITE PAGE WHITE PAGE POEM/ from Muriel Rukeyser’s “The Gates”
  289. Fool’s Gold/ Ted Mathys
  290. Rain, New Year’s Eve/ Maggie Smith (from Good Bones)
  291. Because You Asked about the Line Between Prose and Poetry/ Howard Nemerov – 1920-1991
  292. BREATH/ Lee Potts
  293. Poem/ Charles Bernstein – 1950-
  294. from The Victorious Ones”/ Chris Nealon
  295. Social Distancing/ Juan Phillipe Herrera
  296. Things I Didn’t Know I Loved/ Nazim Hikmet – 1902-1963
  297. Pandemania/ BY DANIEL HALPERN
  298. Song of a Second April/ Edna St. Vincent Millay – 1892-1950
  299. Dust/ Dorianne Laux
  300. Things to Do in the Belly of the Whale/ Dan Albergotti
  301. To make a prairie (1755)/ Emily Dickinson – 1830-1886
  302. In the name of the Bee –/ Emily Dickinson
  303. ABC/ Robert Pinsky
  304.   Disorderly Abecedarian 2: Return/ Devon Miller-Duggan
  305. from Maud (Part I)/ ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON
  306. I’m Going Back to Minnesota Where Sadness Makes Sense/ Danez Smith
  307. Dear One Absent This Long While/ Lisa Olstein
  308. ANTHEM/ Aaliya Zaveri
  309. Ode to My Right Knee/ Rita Dove
  310. The Gate/ Marie Howe
  311. WATER/ Li Young-Lee
  312. Magdalene—The Seven Devils/ Marie Howe
  313. May/ Jonathan Galassi
  314. I Am Learning To Abandon the World/ Linda Pastan
  315. [the snow is melting]/ BY KOBAYASHI ISSA, TRANSLATED BY ROBERT HASS
  316. ADVICE FROM A BAT/ Michael T. Young
  317. Song of Myself, 6 [A child said, What is the grass?]/ Walt Whitman
  318. Push the button, hear the sound/ HELEN MORT
  319. I Look Up from My Book and Out at the World through Reading Glasses/ Diane Seuss
  320. Eyesight/ A.R. Ammons
  321. What Kind of Times Are These/ ADRIENNE RICH
  322. Resistance/ TRACI BRIMHALL
  323. Mirror/ Rita Dove
  324. Voiceover/ Rita Dove
  325. I dwell in Possibility – (466)/ EMILY DICKINSON
  326. Perhaps you tire of birds/ Donika Kelly
  327. Self-Portrait as a Door/ Donika Kelly
  328. truth/ GWENDOLYN BROOKS
  329. O/ Chaire Wahmanholm
  330. HUMMINGBIRD ABECEDARIAN/ Aimee Nezhukumatathil
  331. The Stuff Astounding: A Poem for Juneteenth/ Patricia Smith
  332. won’t you celebrate with me/ Lucille Clifton
  333. A Lecture on Aphids/ Charles Goodrich
  334. eyeye/ Aram Saroyan
  335. Poem Recognizing Someone in the Street/ Aram Saroyan
  336. The World Has Need of You/ Ellen Bass
  337. I Go Down To The Shore/ Mary Oliver
  338. Ars Poetica/ Aracelis Girmay
  339. Nothing/ Krysten Hill
  340. Proverbs and Canticles/ Antonio Machado
  341. Abecedarian For the Future/ Ada Limón
  342. What Issa Heard/ David Budbill
  343. Goshen/ Ruth Stone
  344. Eyes/ Laura Riding Jackson
  345. Grasshopper/ Ted Kooser
  346. The Early Bird/ Ted Kooser
  347. The Birds begun at Four o’clock —/ Emily Dickinson
  348. A Bird, came down the Walk – (359)/ EMILY DICKINSON
  349. Wintergreen Ridge /Lorine Niedecker
  350. TIME FOR SERENITY, ANYONE?/ William Stafford
  351. from Song of the Open Road/ Walt Whitman
  352. When You Walk Over the Earth/ Katie Farris 
  353. My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun (764)/ EMILY DICKINSON
  354. Listening/ Elizabeth Hoover
  355. Mid-August at Sourdough Mountain Lookout/ GARY SNYDER
  356. Vertigo/ LES MURRAY
  357. The Grackle/ Ogden Nash
  358. September First Again/Phillis Levin
  359. THIS IS WHAT YOU SHALL DO/Walt Whitman
    preface to Leaves of Grass
  360. Wind in the Grass/ Mark Van Doren
  361. further & further/ Lauren Holden
  362. ODE TO THE LETTER B / Aracelis Girmay
  363. An Old-Fashioned Song/ John Hollander – 1929-2013
  365. Optometrist/ Sun Yu Pai
  366. Les Étiquettes Jaunes/ Frank O’Hara
  367. Holmes Lake/ Jessica Poli 
  368. October/ ROBERT FROST
  369. First Leaf/ Lia Purpura
  370. Leaves/ Lloyd Schwartz
  371. Corsons Inlet/ A. R. Ammons
  372. Ode to the Head Nod/ Elizabeth Acevedo
  373. Logic/Richard Siken
  374. Wrong Side of the River/ Stanley Plumly
  375. The Precision of Pain and the Blurriness of Joy/ Yehuda Amichai
  376. Snow flakes. (45)/ Emily Dickinson
  377. Beginning/ JAMES WRIGHT
  378. My Doubt/ Jane Hirshfield – 1953-
  379. Black Cat/ Rainer Maria Rilke
  380. A Rogue Dream/ Melanie Figg
  381. The Copper Beech/ MARIE HOWE
  382. Wind/ Emily Dickinson
  383. In the Event of My Death/ Katie Farris
  384. In the Evening/ William Reichard
  385. Praise Song for the Day/ ELIZABETH ALEXANDER
  386. A Divine Image/ William Blake
  387. The Fly/ William Blake
  388. Cold Morning/ Eamon Grennan
  389. What Things Want/ Robert Bly – 1926-
  390. In drear nighted December/ John Keats – 1795-1821
  391. A woodpecker’s/ PHILIP GROSS
  392. Real Estate/ Richard Siken
  393. In Wiry Winter/ James Schuyler
  394. The Guest House/ Rumi
  395. How It Happens/ W.S. Merwin
  397. Winter Poem/ Donika Kelly
  398. Triolet on a Line Apocryphally Attributed to Martin Luther/ A.E. STALLINGS
  399. notes on winter holidays/ daniel biegelson
  400. I Refuse to Report Bugs to Their Creator/ BRAYAN SALINAS
  401. The Hill We Climb/ Amanda Gorman
  402. THINGS TO DO/ James Schuyler
  403. Story/ Tiana Clark
  404. The Snow/ James Schuyler
  405. Status Update/ Rebecca Lindenbery
  406. Perfect Song/ Heather Christle
  407. What You Missed That Day You Were Absent from Fourth Grade/ Brad Aaron Modlin
  408. I am afraid to own a body/ Emily Dickinson
  409. Instructions for Opening a Door/ Adriana Cloud
  410. Skin Tight/ Ishmael Reed
  411. If recollecting were forgetting/ Emily Dickinson
  412. I tie my Hat — I crease my Shawl — / Emily Dickinson
  413. There’s a certain Slant of light (258) / Emily Dickinson
  414. I measure every Grief I meet (561) / Emily Dickinson
  415. After great pain, a formal feeling comes – (372) / Emily Dickinson
  416. Because I could not stop for Death – (479) / Emily Dickinson
  417. Crumbling is not an instant’s Act (1010) / Emily Dickinson
  418. Fame is a bee. (1788) / Emily Dickinson
  419. Have you got a Brook in your little heart / Emily Dickinson
  420. I felt a Funeral, in my Brain, (340) / Emily Dickinson
  421. I heard a Fly buzz – when I died – (591) / Emily Dickinson
  422. We grow accustomed to the Dark — / Emily Dickinson
  423. There is no Frigate like a Book (1286) / Emily Dickinson
  424. Some keep the Sabbath going to Church – (236) / Emily Dickinson
  425. Goldenrod/ Maggie Smith
  426. ‘Tis so much joy! ‘Tis so much joy! / Emily Dickinson
  427. A lane of Yellow led the eye (1650) / Emily Dickinson
  428. I dreaded that first Robin, so, (1862) / Emily Dickinson
  429. To interrupt His Yellow Plan(1863) / Emily Dickinson
  430. The morns are meeker than they were / Emily Dickinson
  431. Meditations in an Emergency/ Cameron Awkward-Rich
  432. I felt a Cleaving in my Mind—* / Emily Dickinson
  433. I saw no Way — The Heavens were stitched — (1863) / Emily Dickinson
  434. Without this — there is nought — (1862) / Emily Dickinson
  435. Privacy/ Ada Limón
  436. Work from The Leaf and the Cloud
  437. Hum / Mary Oliver
  438. April / Mary Oliver
  439. What We Want / Mary Oliver
  440. I Worried / Mary Oliver
  441. Don’t Hesitate / Mary Oliver
  442. Softest of Mornings from Long Life / Mary Oliver
  443. Two Kinds of Deliverance / Mary Oliver
  444. To a Snail/ Marianne Moore
  445. Just as the Calendar Began to Say Summer / Mary Oliver
  446. Wind in the Pines / Mary Oliver
  447. Bird in the Pepper Tree/ Mary Oliver
  449. 4 Sonnets from Swan /Mary Oliver
  450. Evidence / Mary Oliver
  451. Stars from West Wind/ Mary Oliver
  452. Yellow from Evidence / Mary Oliver
  453. Then the Bluebird Sang from Evidence / Mary Oliver
  454. The Poet Always Carries a Notebook from Evidence / Mary Oliver
  455. Pastoral/ Forest Gander
  456. Deep Summer/ Mary Oliver
  457. I Want to Write Something So Simple/ Mary Oliver
  458. Dogfish (from Dreams) / Mary Oliver
  459. Trilliums (from Dreams) / Mary Oliver
  460. Luke /Mary Oliver
  461. The Summer Day/ Mary Oliver
  462. Everything/ Mary Oliver
  463. Bobolink/ Didi Jackson
  464. Sunrise/ Mary Oliver
  465. The Leaf and the Cloud/ Mary Oliver
  466. The Trees / Mary Oliver
  467. Answers/ Mary Oliver
  468. Such Singing in the Wild Branches from Owls and Other Fantasies/ Mary Oliver
  469. Sometimes/ Mary Oliver
  470. No Murder Of Crows/ J. Drew Lanham
  471. Beat! Beat! Drums!/ Walt Whitman – 1819-1892
  472. Enough/ Jeffrey Harrison
  473. Terns/ Mary Oliver
  474. Praying/ Mary Oliver
  475. Work/ Mary Oliver
  476. Don’t put up my Thread and Needle — / Emily Dickinson
  478. A Heron/ Ted Kooser
  479. Syrinx/ Amy Clampitt – 1920-1993
  480. The Most Triumphant Bird/ Emily Dickinson
  481. Starlings/ Maggie Smith from Goldenrod
  482. From Nowhere/ Marie Howe
  483. Vanishing/ Brittney Corrigan
  484. Octoroon Warbler/ J. Drew Lanham
  485. For the Birds/ JOHN SHOPTAW
  486. Birdcall/ Alicia Ostriker
  487. Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird/ WALLACE STEVENS
  488. If I shouldn’t be alive/ Emily Dickinson
  489. Dawn Chorus/ SASHA DUGDALE
  490. Bewilderment/ Rumi
  491. Much Madness is divinest Sense – (620)/ EMILY DICKINSON
  492. The Language of the Birds/ Richard Siken
  493. Still/ Margaret Renkl
  494. Of Being is a Bird/ Emily Dickinson
  495. Going Down Hill on a Bicycle/ Henry Charles Beeching
  496.  The Original Lyric Ballads Version of Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”
  497. Wind, Water, Stone/ OCTAVIO PAZ
  498. Evaporations/ Alice Oswald
  499. The Museum of Stones/ Carolyn Forché 
  500. These Poems/ June Jordan – 1936-2002
  501. Poet’s work/ LORINE NIEDECKER
  502. Paean to Place/ LORINE NIEDECKER
  503. The Song of Hiawatha/ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  504. from EXAQUA [Oh, that’s what I was]/ Jan-Henry Gray
  505. The Humpbacks/ Mary Oliver
  506. ROCK BOTTOM/ Eamon Grennan
  507. Buoy/ Savannah V. Evans
  508. The Blind Leading The Blind/ Lisel Mueller
  509. Not the Thing but a Fossil of the Thing/ Rebecca Foust
  510. A Short Story of Falling/ ALICE OSWALD
  511. Conversation with a Pebble/Alyson Hallett
  512. To chlorophyll, refineries, coal, furnaces beneath early skyscrapers, fossils/ Caroline Kenworthy
  513. A Swim in Co. Wicklow/ DEREK MAHON
  514. Erosion/ Linda Pastan
  515. excerpt from The Half Finished Heaven/ Tomas Tranströmer
  516. Under Pressure/ Tomas Tranströmer
  517. Erosion/ Eamon Grennan
  518. Rockpile/ Robert Morgan
  519. SWIMMER (FEMALE)*/ Concha Méndez
  520. The Unnamed River/ Arthur Sze
  521. The Nude Swim/ Anne Sexton
  522. Water in Love/ Ed Bok Lee
  523. Open Water/ Ada Limón
  524. a few delightful verses/ Lorine Niedecker
  525. Smile/ Lorine Niedecker
  526. Fog-thick morning/ Lorine Niedecker
  527. Wife for Scale/ Maggie Smith
  528. Balance/ Alice B. Fogel
  529. The Thing Is/ Ellen Bass
  530. The Pond at Dusk/ JANE KENYON
  531. Exercise/ W.S. Merwin (may 1972)
  532. To Swim, To Believe/ Maxine Kumin
  534. After the Dragonflies/ W.S. Merwin
  535. Wilderness/ Carl Sandburg
  537. 7 Shard/ CAConrad
  538. Sound Waves/ Amy Ludwig VanDerwate
  539. After the Rain/ Jared Carter
  540. WAVE AFTER WAVE/ M. Bartley Seigel
  541. Sea Poem/ Alice Oswald
  542. the lesson of the falling leaves/ lucille clifton
  543. Love (Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary) / Bob Dorough
  544. Down with Love/ Blossom Dearie
  545. Good Bones/ Maggie Smith
  546. Heart / Maggie Smith
  547. Heart to Heart/ Rita Dove
  548. The More Loving One/ W. H. Auden
  549. I wanted to be surprised./ Jane Hirshfield
  550. Bioluminescence/ Paul Tran
  551. 5 Poems/ Amorak Huey
  552. The Swimmer/ Mary Oliver
  553. Green Koan/ Rita Dove
  554. Sky Coming Forward/ Carl Phillips
  555. Cello/ Dorianne Laux
  556. The Patience of Ordinary Things/ Pat Schneider
  557. Loving and Liking: Irregular Verses Addressed to a Child/ Dorothy Wordsworth
  558. The First Water Is the Body/ Natalie Diaz
  559. Why Write Love Poetry in a Burning World/ Katie Farris
  560. Approximate Poem/ Paul Hall (1977)
  561. There Is No Word/ TONY HOAGLAND
  562. Late Summer/ JENNIFER GROTZ
  563. MAN WITH METAL DETECTOR / Robert B. Shaw
  564. The Fish/ Mary Oliver
  565. May Day Midnight/ Michael Palmer
  566. [I remember partially]/ Jane Huffman
  567. The Cucumber/ Nazim Hikmet
  568. Nothing Gold Can Stay/ Robert Frost
  569. Short Story/ Ellen Bryant Voigt
  570. When Night is almost done – / Emily Dickinson
  571. Travelling Together/ W.S. Merwin
  572. Miss you. Would like to take a walk with you./ GABRIELLE CALVOCORESSI
  573. Neighbors in October/ DAVID BAKER
  574. Unbidden/ Rae Armantrout
  575. Haunt/ Maya Phillips
  576. Seven Types of Shadow – an extract / U A Fanthorpe
  577. Portrait of a Figure Near Water/ Jane Kenyon
  578. Island/ Rita Dove
  579. The Road Not Taken/ Robert Frost
  580. Page/ Jane Hirshfield
  581. The Bells/ Edgar Allen Poex
  582. A Ring/ W.S. Merwin
  583. A Rhyme for Halloween/ Maurice Kilwein Guevara
  584. Fall, leaves, fall/ EMILY BRONTË
  585. excerpt from November/ Lucy Larcom
  586. Prints/ Joseph Bruchac
  587. Perennials/ Maggie Smith
  588. from The Leaf and the Cloud/ Mary Oliver
  589. In the Meantime/ Max Garland
  590. Passive Voice/ LAURA DA’
  591. How Dark the Beginning/ Maggie Smith
  592. In Passing/ MATTHEW SHENODA
  593. Observations on the Ground/ Mary Ruefle
  594. Gratitude to Old Teachers / Robert Bly
  595. The Orange / Wendy Cope
  596. from Obit/ Victoria Chang
  597. from Among the Trees/ Carl Phillips
  598. First Snow/ Arthur Sze
  599. Ghosting/ Andrea Cohen
  600. The Wild Geese/ Victoria Chang
  601. Big Clock/ Li-Young Lee – 1957-
  602. Something Told the Wild Geese / Rachel Field
  603. Prayer 48/ EVA SAULITIS
  604. Sometimes, When the Light/ Lisel Mueller
  605. Things/ Lisel Mueller
  606. Holiday Wish/ David Baker/ David Baker
  607. Obligations 2/ Layli Long Soldier
  608. Eye Exam/ Arthur Sze
  609. In the Grand Scheme of Things/ Maggie Smith
  610. Love Letter/ Diane Seuss
  611. Forsythia/ Ada Limón
  612. Palimpsest/ Jared Carter 
  614. Left Open / Victoria Chang
  615. Left Open / W.S. Merwin
  616. Separation/ Victoria Chang
  617. Separation/ W. S. Merwin
  618. Daylight/ Victoria Chang
  619. The Wings of Daylight/ W. S. Merwin
  620. Ekphrasis as Eye Test/ Jane Zwart + slide show with paintings
  621. Ekphrasis as Eye-Test/ Amit Majmudar
  622. Fauve/ Arthur Sze in Dazzled
  623. Study the Masters/ Lucille Clifton
  624. Song/ Brigit Pegeen Kelly
  625. Letter to a Friend, Unsent/ Rebecca Lindenberg
  626. My Glasses/ Jane Hirshfield
  627. Saccadic Masking/ Paige Lewis
  628. Chapel of the Green Lord/ Paige Lewis
  629. Inspiration Point/ Jennifer Jean
  630. Missed Time/ Ha Jin
  631. Wigs Everywhere/ Justin Jannise
  632. from The Cataract of Lodore/ Robert Southey
  633. A Nearly Perfect Morning/ Jessica Greenbaum
  634. As Is/ Nicholas Friedman
  635. To the Mannequins/ HOWARD NEMEROV
  636. Praise the Rain/ JOY HARJO
  637. All Praises / Lucille Clifton
  638. Old Woman in a Housecoat/ GEORGIANA COHEN
  639. Design/ Robert Frost
  640. The Ships of Theseus/ STEVE GEHRKE
  641. Epitalamion/ Rebecca Lehmann
  642. excerpt of an excerpt IRL/ Tommy Pico
  643. Hum/ Yvonne Zipter
  644. The Husband’s Answers/ Rebecca Hazelton
  645. A little Madness in the Spring (1356) / Emily Dickinson
  646. Every day as a wide field, every page/ NAOMI SHIHAB NYE
  647. The Sun, Mad Envious, Just Want the Moon/ Patricia Smith
  648. Statement of Teaching Philosophy/ Keith Leonard
  649. Egrets/ Kevin Young
  650. Unfolding Center/ Arthur Sze
  651. Peripheral/ Hannah Emmerson
  652. Drift/ Alicia Mountain
  653. The River/ HUMBERTO AK’ABAL
  654. FIG TREE AT BIG SUR/ Kelly Cressio-Moeller
  655. Second Estrangement/ Aracelis Girmay
  656. How to Begin/ Catherine Abbey Hodges
  657. PLEA TO THE WIND/ Alice Oswald
  658. Dart/ Alice Oswald
  659. EXPERIENCE, A LOVE STORY/ Katie Peterson
  660. These are the days when Birds come back— / Emily Dickinson
  661. Sing a Darkness/Carl Phillips
  662. The Rock that Is Not a Rabbit/ Corey Marks
  664. A RUSHED ACCOUNT OF THE DEW / Alice Oswald
  665. I started Early — Took my Dog / Emily Dickinson
  666. I Wonder If I Need the Rapture or If I Could Just Swallow A Catastrophe and Call It Good / Kelli Russell Agodon
  667. Feeding the Worms/ Danish Lameris
  668. Ode to Dirt/ Sharon Olds
  669. Loam/ Carl Sandburg
  670. Unveiling/ Gail Mazur
  671. The Theft Outright/ Heid E. Erdrich
  672. Muddy/ Orlando White
  673. Into the Mud/ Joyce Sidman
  674. Entanglement/ Arthur Sze
  675. Mushroom Hunting in the Jemez Mountains/ Arthur Sze
  676. The Ants/ Matthew Rorher
  677. An Ordinary Misfortune [“She is girl. She is gravel.”]/ EMILY JUNGMIN YOON
  678. from Kingdom Animalia/ Aracelis Girmay
  679. The Golden Shovel/ TERRANCE HAYES
  680. We Real Cool/ Gwendolyn Brooks
  681. Dust Poem/ Philip Jenks
  682. Dusting/ Marilyn Nelson
  683. A Walk as Bright and Green as Spring as Cold as Winter/ Shane McCrae
  684. The Garden Song/ sung by John Denver
  685. Digging/ Seamus Heaney
  686. Digging in the Dirt/ Peter Gabriel
  687. Pear Snow/ Todd Dillard
  688. Full of yourself/ Rumi
  689. ted talk/ JENNY ZHANG
  690. In the Basement of the Goodwill Store/ Ted Kooser
  691. Mushrooms/ Sylvia Plath
  692. For the Lobar, Usnea, Witches Hair, Map Lichen, Beard Lichen, Ground Lichen, Shield Lichen/ Jane Hirshfield
  693. I’d Rather Be / Mitchell Nobis
  694. The Echoing Green/ WILLIAM BLAKE
  695. All/ Jorie Graham
  696. Still Life with Window and Fish / Jorie Graham (recording)
  697. The Bees Have Been Cancelled/ Maya C. Popa
  698. For the Bird Singing before Dawn/ Kim Stafford
  699. Doors opening, closing on us/ Marge Piercy
  700. Persephone the Wanderer/ Louise Glück
  701. Where Every Bird is a Drone/ Tarik Dobbs
  702. excerpt from Nature Poem/ Tommy Pico
  703. In the Clearing/ Patricia Hopper
  704. Naming the Heartbeats/ Aimee Nezhukumatathil
  705. Hypothesis / Paul Tran
  706. Paprika/ Michelle Zauner
  707. I Would Do Anything For Love, But I Won’t/ Traci Brimhall
  708. Above, the Geese/ Gillian Sze
  709. selected tankas from Urban Tumbleweed/ Harryette Mullen
  710. First Grade/ RON KOERTGE
  711. The Sound of Trees/ ROBERT FROST
  712. Termites: An Assay/ Jane Hirshfield
  713. Becoming Moss/ Ella Frears
  714. Give Me This/ Ada Limón
  715. As from a Quiver of Arrows/ CARL PHILLIPS
  716. Oread/ H. D.
  717. Five Landscapes/ COLE SWENSEN
  718. Bird/ DORIANNE LAUX
  719. The Evidence is Everywhere/ Juan Delgado
  720. Swimming Laps/ Arthur Sze
  721. A Tree of Dignified Appearance/ Charles Simic
  722. For Rent/ Charles Simic
  723. Calling Things What They Are/ Ada Limón
  724. Could I/ Anne Carson
  725. excerpts from TL;DR/ CA Conrad
  726. How lucky we are That you can’t sell A poem / Gregory Orr
  727. To Know the Dark/ Wendell Berry
  728. My Meadow, My Twilight/ Carl Phillips
  729. from Google/ Leila Chatti
  730. The Ponds/ Mary Oliver
  731. Carrie / Ted Kooser
  732. Moon/ AMY E. SKLANSKY
  733. Thinking/ DANUSHA LAMÉRIS
  734. The Moment/ Marie Howe
  735. breaklight/ lucille clifton
  736. Do Not Ask Your Children To Strive for Extraordinary Things/ William Martin
  737. Moist/ Anna Myles
  738. Things I Should’ve Outgrown By Now/ Megan Williams
  739. Taking Your Olympic Measure/ Alberto Rios
  740. from The Trees Witness Everything/ Victoria Chang
  741. Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild/ Kathy Fish
  742.  Ignition Chronicles / CAConrad
  743. M. / Claire Wahmanholm
  744. A Blessing/ James Wright
  745. The Rain Stick/ Seamus Heaney
  746. Birdsong for Two Voices/ Alice Oswald
  747. from Nobody/ Alice Oswald
  748. crazy jay blue/ ee cummings
  749. Imaginary Conversation/ Linda Pastan
  750. With Ant and Celan/ Eamon Grennan
  751. The Sunset and the Purple-Flowered Tree/ Joshua Jennifer Espinoza
  752. the ones who stay :: faith shearin
  753. Living Here/ Cleopatra Mathis
  754. poem about water/ sam sax
  755. Girl in the Woods/ Alice White
  756. The Grove/ Jay Hopler
  757. A Drink of Water/ Jeffrey Harrison
  758. Water and Stone/ Frances Boyle
  759. to be of use :: marge piercy
  760. The Chipmunk/ Ogden Nash
  761. Vertical/ Linda Pastan
  762. Tender/ Sophie Klahr
  763. To the Person Who Marked Up This Book of Poetry/ Amy Miller
  764. Shirley, Midlake/ Tanis Rideout
  765. excerpt from Shirley As Drowned Ophelia/ Tanis Rideout
  766. Energy/ Beyoncé
  767. The River/ Cole Swenson
  768. Glaucoma/ Charlene Fix
  769. Autumn/ Linda Pastan
  770. Fall/ Ed Ochester
  771. Along the River/ Lorine Niedecker
  772. I’ve Been Thinking about Love Again/ Vievee Francis
  773. A page from Frank: Sonnets/ Diane Seuss
  774. EDNA/ Todd Dillard
  775. Living Tenderly/ May Swenson
  776. The Secret in the Mirror/ Alberto Ríos
  777. The Night Migrations/ Louise Glück
  778. Forest of Beginnings/ Mai Der Vang
  779. Circle/Dana Knott
  780. The Beginning of the Beginning/ Phuong T. Vuong
  781. Part of Eve’s Discussion/ Marie Howe
  782. Threshold Gods/ Jenny George / Reading
  783. Song of the Witches: “Double, double, toil and trouble“/ William Shakespeare
  784. Transubstantiation/ Susan Firer
  785. Lost in Plain Sight/ Peter Schneider
  786. Let this darkness be a bell tower/ Rainer Maria Rilke
  787. A Woman’s Glass Eye/ Richard Weaver (page 66 in journal)
  788. One Art/ Elizabeth Bishop
  789. Wild Turkey/ Heid E. Erdrich
  790. First Fig/ Edna St. Vincent Millay
  791. Echo/ Pura López-Colomé 
  792. Ode to Gray
  793. Silver/ Walter de la Mare
  794. from Grayed In/ Martha Collins
  795. from My Private Property/ Mary Ruefle
  796. from To Theo van Gogh (a letter from Vincent Van Gogh to his son)
  797. [Here on this edge I have had many diminutive visions.]/ Diane Seuss
  798. Fog/Giovanni Pascoli
  799. In the Fog/ Giovanni Pascoli
  800. Mist/ Alice Oswald
  801. Spirits of the Dead/ Edgar Allen Poe
  802. Little Grey Dreams/ Angelina Weld Grimké
  803. First Grade/ Ron Koertge
  804. nunatak/ Jane Lovell
  805. from “Gravel” in The Leaf and the Cloud/ Mary Oliver
  806. That Bright Grey Eye/ Hilda Morley
  807. The Small Hours/ Dorothy Parker
  808. Psalm with Near Blindness/ Julia B. Levine
  809. To a Wreath of Snow/ Emily Brontë
  810. Psalm with Wren in Daylight Saving Time/ Julia B. Levin
  811. Maybe Alone On My Bike/ William Stafford
  812. sunrise through mount vernon, wa/ Jasmine Khaliq
  813. With A Song/ Christina Pugh
  814. Praise/ Michelle Poirier Brown
  815. Dead Stars/ Ada Limón
  816. A White City/ James Schuyler
  817. Window/ Fiona Apple
  818. Window 3/ Wendell Berry
  819. Winter Journal: Disseminate Birds Over Water/ Emily Wilson
  820. Owl/ Anne Haven McDonnell
  821. DECEMBER FLIGHT/ Seymour Maynes
  822. Here All Alone/ Michael Kleber-Diggs
  823. Blizzard/ Linda Pastan
  824. Blink/ Donna Vorreyer
  825. I’m not Faking My Astonishment, Honest/ Paige Lewis
  826. Lit/ Andrea Cohen
  827. I Went Out to Hear/ Leila Chatti
  828. Pot of Gold/ Ingrid Wendt
  829. Soft Thunder/ Jake Skeets
  830. The Puddle/ Wisława Szymborska 
  831. Mom Hires a Stunt Double/ Todd Dillard
  832. A Stranger/ Saeed Jones
  833. Alone and Not Alone/ Carl Sandburg
  834. Let Evening Come/ Jane Kenyon
  835. Fragment (Stone)/ Ann Lauterbach
  836. A Walk in the Park/ Dana Levin
  837. The Year We Fell in Love with Moss/ Sally Baker
  838. At My Desk/ Linda Pastan
  839. The Moths/ Mary Oliver
  840. After the Snow/ Linda Pastan (from Insomnia)
  841. The Birds/ Linda Pastan
  842. Memory of a Bird/ Linda Pastan
  843. Practicing/ Linda Pastan
  844. The Clouds/ Linda Pastan
  845. Almost An Elegy: For Tony Hoagland/ Linda Pastan
  846. Squint/ Linda Pastan
  847. For Miriam, Who Hears Voices/ Linda Pastan
  848. November Rain/ Linda Pastan
  849. Elegy/ Linda Pastan (1986)
  850. In the Orchard/ Linda Pastan
  851. Emily Dickinson/ Linda Pastan
  852. Wind Chill/ Linda Pastan
  853. Ethics/ Linda Pastan
  854. The Death of the Self/ Linda Pastan
  855. At the Window/ Linda Pastan
  856. Why Are Your Poems so Dark?/ Linda Pastan
  857. Alone/ Jack Gilbert
  858. Poem with No Speaker/ Franz Wright
  859. Rain/Jack Gilbert
  860. Opera Singer/Ross Gay
  861. from March, 1979/ Tomas Tranströmer
  862. Grace/ Kelli Russell Agodon
  863. Don’t Tell Anyone/ Tony Hoagland
  864. The Moths/ Mary Oliver
  865. Another Empty Window Dipped in Milk/ Kelli Agodon Russell
  866. I Try to Plagiarize Moonlight/ Kelli Agodon Russell
  867. Lake of the Isles/ Anni Liu
  868. A Murmur in the Trees – to note – / Emily Dickinson (F433 — 1862)
  869. [from this bench I like to call my bench]/ Diane Seuss
  870. The End Of March/ Elizabeth Bishop (June 1974)
  871. Poetics/ A. R. Ammons
  872. Project/ A. R. Ammon
  873. Weathering/ A. R. Ammons
  874. Equilibrium/ A. R. Ammons
  875. The Secret/ Denise Levertov
  876. Equinox/ Diannely Antigua
  877. Little Infinities/ Fay Dillof
  878. Grassy Sound/ A. R. Ammons
  879. Play/ A. R. Ammons
  880. Expressions at Sea Level/ A. R. Ammons
  881. garbage/ A. R. Ammons
  882. This Nest, Swift Passerine / Dan Beachy-Quick
  884. How Far Away We Are/ Anushka Shah
  885. Lying While Birding/ Naomi Shihab Nye
  886. Lark-Luster/ Eamon Grennan
  887. What I Am Telling You, Jessica, Is That Those Chickens Are Fine/ K.T. Landon
  888. A Tiny Little Equation/ Shuri Kido
  889. Red/ Mary Ruefle
  890. Red Red Red/ Fiona Apple
  891. Against Pink / DARA YEN ELERATH
  892. The Bench/ Mary Ruefle
  893. Mother, Washing Dishes/ Susan Meyers
  894. What the Living Do/ Marie Howe
  895. Sidereal/ Debra Albery
  896. I Inherit the Whims of my Mother As I Prepare to Trash This Draft/ Donna Vorreyer
  897. Believing Anagrams/ Kelli Agodon Russell
  898. IV / Laura Gilpin
  899. Motion/ Jessica Goodfellow
  900. In Praise of Mystery/ Ada Limón
  901. Ode to Money, or Patient Appealing Health Insurance for Denial of Coverage/ Katie Farris
  902. Knot Work / Not Work / Knot Hole / Not Whole: A Mapping / Jishin-no-ben, trans. Lee Ann Roripaugh
  903. The Social Life of Water/ Tony Hoagland
  904. Crossing Water/ Tony Hoagland
  905. maggie and millie and molly and may / e.e. cummings
  906. Passage / Barbara Guest
  907. Repulsive Theory / Kay Ryan
  908. Left-handed Sugar/ Jane Hirshfield
  909. A Primer of the Daily Round/ Howard Nemerov
  910. Oak Skin/ Kris Ringman
  911. Western Edge/ Carl Phillips
  912. Trust/ Thomas R. Smith
  913. lxxxi. / Major Jackson
  914. Romance/ Susan Browne
  915. Glacier/ Claire Wahmanholm
  916. Swimming, One Day in August/ Mary Oliver
  917. The World / Marie Howe
  918. Doxorubicin: Infusion/ Lauren Paul Watson
  919. Exodus/ Joseph Fasano
  920. Come In/ Robert Frost
  921. Famous / Naomi Shihab Nye
  922. More Swans and More Women/ Heather Christle
  923. Talisman/ Luisa A. Igloria
  924. Hog Island/ Luisa A. Igloria
  925. Psalm with No Cure/ Julia B. Levine
  926. Above Pate Valley/ Gary Snyder
  927. Autobiography/ Michael Dumanis
  928.  Circumambulation of Mt. Tamalpais/ Forrest Gander
  929. Erosion/ David Hanlon
  930. The Mushroom is the Elf of Plants — (1350)/ Emily Dickinson
  931. The Hum of the Living/ Kelli Russell Agodon
  932. The Committee Weighs In/ Andrea Cohen
  933. Dorothy,/ Garth Graeper
  934. Ars Poetica/ José Oliverez
  935. …shift at oars/ Stcy Szymaszek
  936. For the Birds/ Zilka Joseph
  937. It Must Be Leaves/ Jane Hirshfield
  938. Childhood/ David Baker
  939.  Crumbling is not an instant’s Act (1010)/ EMILY DICKINSON
  940. Friendly?/ Luke Strathmann
  941.  Bat/ D.H. Lawrence
  942. Ode to Halloween/ Joanne Durham
  943. Injury Room / Katie Ford
  944. I love you. I miss you. Please get out of my house. / Donika Kelly
  945. Nature startles in familiar spaces. / Dagne Forrest
  946. Mistake/ Heather Christle
  947. punctum/ Teja Sudhakar
  948. An Arundel Tomb/ Philip Larkin
  949. Motion/ A.R. Ammons
  950. Riprap/ Gary Snyder
  951. Good-Night/ Seamus Heaney
  952. Letter to Walt Whitman, Who Painted Butterflies/ Kelli Agodon Russell
  953. Sunrise, All Day Long/ Kathleen McGookey
  955. Louisiana Line/ Betty Adcock
  956. Winter Song/ Wilfred Owen
  957. excerpt from Today/ Victoria Chang
  958. A Dip in the Lake: Ten Quicksteps, Sixty-two Waltzes, and Fifty-six Marches for Chicago and Vicinity / John Cage
  959. 11/ Lao-tzu, Translated from the Chinese by Red Pine
  960. Window 15/ Wendell Berry
  961. APRIL 2020, FROM MY WINDOWS/ Kleopatra Olympiou
  962. Interruption: An Assay/ Jane Hirshfield
  963. By my Window have I for Scenery (797) / Emily Dickinson
  964. Windows/Rachel Sherwood
  965. an excerpt from Over Time/ Martha Collins
  966. Window/Daniel G. Hoffman
  967. Arequipa/ Ben Okri
  968. The Brain — is wider than the Sky — (1863) J632/ Emily Dickinson
  969. an excerpt from Poem/ Shin Yu Pai
  970. To Opinion: An Assay/ Jane Hirshfield
  971. Assay Only Glimpsable for an Instant/ Jane Hirshfield
  972. In Praise of Being Peripheral/ Jane Hirshfield
  973. Reverie in Open Air/ Rita Dove
  974. Aerial View/ Jericho Brown
  975. Medical History/ Nicole Sealey
  976. Monet Refuses the Operation/ Lisel Muller
  977. Reverie in Open Air/ Rita Dove
  978.  In Praise of Darkness / Jorge Luis Borges
  979. I Heard a Fly Buzz/ George Bilgere
  980. Musée des Beaux Arts/ W.H. Auden
  981. The Squatting Sun/ Nikky Finney
  982. Musée des Beaux Arts/ W.H. Auden
  983. [My favorite time is in time’s other side]/ Etel Adnan
  984. Door/ W.S. Merwin
  985. A Bell Is a Bearer of Time/ ALISON C. ROLLINS
  986. Late-Night Inquiry/ Charles Simic
  987. All Wild Animals Were Once Called Deer/ Brigit Pegeen Kelly
  988. Prayer of a Nonbeliever/ Tim Raphael
  989. When I Tell My Husband I Miss the Sun, He Knows/ Paige Lewis
  990. Littlefoot, 32/ Charles Wright
  991. The Bluet/ James Schuyler
  992. Red Shoulder Hawk/ Ciona Rouse 
  993. Raining, Outlined/ Margarita Pintado Burgos
  994. Raining, Outlined/ Margarita Pintado Burgos
  995. The Squatting Sun/ Nikky Finney
  996. Beaufort Poem Scale/ Alice Oswald
  997.  When the Fact of Your Gaze Means Nothing, Then You Are Alongside/ Donika Kelly
  998. Small Song/ A. R. Ammons
  999. How to Look at Pictures/ Rebecca Morgan Frank
  1000. from Three Songs/ Mary Oliver
  1001. Vermeer / Tomas Tranströmer
  1002. Dementia/ Naomi Cohn (2008)
  1003. So This is Nebraska / Ted Kooser
  1004. A Gray Thought/ James Schuyler (1972)
  1005. Six Notes / David Baker