bike: 8.5 miles
lake nokomis and back

The biker in front of me was far enough ahead that it would be difficult to speed up to pass him. He would peddle a few strokes then coast, then I would get closer — not too close, but close enough to think I might have to pass him which was stressing me out. Everytime he coasted, the bike chain moving over the teeth would buzz (am I describing that correctly?). I managed to not let it bother me too much.

Other enounters: more bikers, alone and in groups; a roller skier; walkers; runners; a surrey

swim: 2 very choppy loops
lake nokomis open swim
75 degrees and windy
9:30 am

Much windier and choppier than I expected at the lake! Uncomfortable swells, making each stroke feel awkard, and lots of waves. Difficult to see anything in front of me. Even so, no problems staying on course. I was definitely ready to be done by the end of my second loop.

Sometimes the waves are fun. Having them rock you and wash over you. Or punching into them. Today, they were difficult and made me feel weaker not stronger. Still, I’m glad I came for open swim.