july 18/SWIM

2 cedar loops or 1 nokomis loop
open swim at cedar lake
98 degrees
5:30 pm

note: I’m a little behind on my log entries this week; too busy working on my lecture for my class. So I’m writing this entry on Wednesday. Hopefully I still remembered what happened! Went to open swim with FWA at cedar lake. It’s hot in Minneapolis, almost 100 degrees, but we were almost cold as we waded in the water. It’s amazing how much cooler it is by the lake — 10 or 15 degrees cooler?

The thing I remember most about the swim: the water was so clear! I could almost read my watch underwater. I would have been able to read it if my central vision wasn’t so bad. Reaching the swimming area on the other side, at Hidden Beach, we could see all the vegetation just below us. Very freaky and cool. I was swimming much slower to stick with FWA, so I was able to hover above the water and really study it. Within a few seconds, I saw some small fish swimming in-between the stalks of the milfoil.

One other thing I remember: Cedar Lake was in fine form, demonstrating it’s best anything goes spirit. Lots of people swimming across the lake without caps. Tons of floats in the swimming area, the strong smell of pot on the shore, canoes and kayaks paddling straight through the open swim course. It was chaos by the orange buoy at hidden beach, with so many people on floats or inner tubes. I’m surprised someone wasn’t trying to climb up on the buoy. And, open water swimmers were swimming in all directions — some had the buoy to their right (the way we’re supposed to swim), but many others swam with it on their left. I was telling FWA that when I first started swimming at Cedar, this chaos bothered me. Now, I don’t mind. Maybe it’s helping me to chill out a bit?