august 26/RUN

3.75 miles
marshall loop
64 degrees

The runner who passed us on the bridge summed it up well: It’s a peach of a morning. Yes, those were the words he used and no, he’s not 90 years old. I’m trying to think the last time I heard that expression, and have I ever heard it as a reference to the morning?

Cooler, great air quality — easy to run, easy to breathe. Now, sitting at my desk writing this entry, I have the windows open and I can feel the gentle breeze. The spider outside my window is chilling on their web, waving in the wind.

Scott and I continued our Saturday tradition. Next week we might have to mix it up, if they’re doing as much construction then as they are now. One side of the bridge and several sidewalks closed. Maybe we’ll do the Franklin loop? Scott signed us up for the Halloween 10K at the end of October. Our first race since spring of 2020.

10 Things

  1. rowers on the river!
  2. a line of kayaks and canoes, too!
  3. certain sidewalks were treacherous: too many discarded acorn shells crunch crunch
  4. a funeral at St. Thomas — we moved out to the road to make room on the sidewalk for mourners
  5. would we hear the St. Thomas bells? Just missed them. 9:20
  6. a slow biker biking up the east river road, a pick-up truck following behind, reluctant to pass. Scott jokingly asked, is that truck pacing the bike?
  7. the lamps are still on on the river road — do they ever turn off?
  8. avoiding the same sprinkler, watering more of the sidewalk (and passing pedestrians) than the lawn
  9. a big crack in the sidewalk — the spot where Scott once witnessed a biker fly off their bike, then land unconscious on the path
  10. a woman fly by on her bike, her chatty kid riding in the back alerting us to her presence