dec 15/RUN

3.35 miles
trestle turn around
33 degrees / snow
100% snow-covered

It started snowing in the early morning. By the time I was ready for a run, a few inches of sloppy snow had already covered the sidewalks, the road, the trail. A winter wonderland. Everything white, not yet gray.

Decided to wear my yaktrak and go for a short run. Wow! Beautiful. Not too slippery or cold or crowded. Greeted Dave, the Daily Walker. He called out, Not the best day (or something like that), and I responded, I think it’s great. I love the snow!

Did I notice the river? I don’t remember.

Near the end of the run, I decided to take the walking trail through the tunnel of trees. I ran for a bit of it, but when it became too uneven and slippery I stopped to walk. Very cool. All the trees below painted in white. I could hear the soft sizzle of the wet snow hitting more wet snow. Such a quiet, peaceful sound.

A White City/ James Schuyler

My thoughts turn south
a white city
we will wake in one another’s arms.
I wake
and hear the steampipe knock
like a metal heart
and find it has snowed.