june 14/RUN

2 miles
river road, south/river road, north
61 degrees
wind: 15 mph, gusts up to 28 mph

Sunny, cooler, windy. Ran straight into the wind heading south. Thought I’d have it at my back on heading north, but it had already changed direction. Wind used to bother me a lot. Now, I don’t mind as much. Listened to a playlist as I ran–heard “Black Wizard Wave” by Nur-D. Love that song, especially the line, “I’m so high. Levio levio levio sa.” Thought about the terrible anti-trans hate JK Rowling has been spreading lately and then thought about Nur-D and all the positivity they bring to the world and decided to stay with the joy and still hear “levio levio levio sa” with delight.

Was able to almost see the river through the trees–more like the promise of the river instead of the actual river. The faintest hit of blue peeking through a thick weave of green. Heard some bikers and runners. It felt fast but not effortless.