march 16/5.2 MILES

27 degrees
franklin hill turn around

Cold this morning and a little windy, but still a good run. I ran up the Franklin hill without stopping! I felt strong and happy to be running. About 4 miles in, my right knee felt strange, but I kept going and it was fine by the end of the run. Listened to a playlist and wore sunglasses. Felt like I was in a different world. Totally disconnected. What else do I remember? The bike path was all clear and so were parts of the walking path. Encountered lots of fast runners at the beginning. In the last mile, the wind was blowing really hard from the east. Almost, but not quite, difficult to stay upright. Had to redo my ponytail while running down the hill–I’m sure it looked funny but I didn’t want to stop. Kept thinking about how Scott and I are running in a 10 mile race–neither of us are ready, so we will mix in some walking. After finishing the run, felt great. Joyful. Relaxed. Ready for spring.