feb 26/5 MILES

32 degrees
mississippi river road walking path

A beautiful Sunday morning. Decided to challenge myself to running without headphones. Focused on listening.

Things I heard while running, a list

  1. Crows cawing
  2. Other birds chirping and cooing
  3. A woodpecker pecking
  4. Geese honking
  5. The swoosh of cars as they drive by on the river road
  6. The worn wheels of a car, plodding along the river road
  7. Some funky music, playing from a radio on a bike
  8. The sharp thud of my shoes on the paved path
  9. The dull thud of my shoes on dirt and debris on the path
  10. The crunch of my shoes on salt and gravel on the path
  11. My breathing, usually slow and measured, occasionally quick and labored, like when climbing the Franklin hill
  12. My zipper pull, rhythmically banging against my jacket as I run
  13. An airplane, faint and far above my head
  14. The wind rushing by my ears
  15. The wind rustling in the dead leaves that never fell off the trees this past fall
  16. Cars thumping above my head as I pass under the Lake Street Bridge
  17. The quick and unexpected laughter of a woman on a path below me
  18. Bike wheels, rapidly approaching
  19. Phantom steps from runners who seem to be gaining on me, yet never pass, managing to turn off onto another path before reaching me. The crunch of their shoes is so slight that I wonder if they even exist, or if I’m imagining them
  20. The clanging of a dog’s chain
  21. A walker talking quietly on a phone
  22. Children faintly laughing

That’s all I can remember.

Here’s a quick video I took just after finishing my run. Not the greatest quality, but effective at reminding me of what I saw when I was done running.