September’s Scotoma

It took me a few minutes to come up with my alliteration for this month, but then I figured it out: Scotoma, or blind spot. At the beginning of the month, without really intending to, I started working on the next phase of my vision book. This phase is about the expanding blind spot I have in my central vision. Right now it’s more like a ring and these poems are about my moods as I deal with losing my vision so I’m calling them my mood rings.

So far I have four poems. The form–an almost square justified block of text–is similar to an Amsler Grid (the grid used for checking if you have macular degeneration). Eventually I will add another layer of form–my blind ring will be superimposed (or something) over the text. For now, here are the 4 moods: Delight, Curiosity, Awe, and Loneliness.